The Casa Amélie Restaurant was born in Turin in November 2017 when chef Guido Perino decided, after experiences in many important kitchens, to open his own restaurant.

His cuisine, a journey between Neapolitan origins and the present in Piedmont, is characterized by the use of excellent raw materials, strictly seasonal and environmentally friendly, recognizable flavors - never more than four ingredients per dish - and proposals that, in addition to meat and fish, make room for vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free dishes.

In addition to caring for the food, Guido designs his restaurant as a place where people should feel good and "at home", listen to nice music, find memories, flowers, and stay to chat. A simple table where the only protagonist is the "dish", attentive and friendly service, and a wine list - about 100 labels - carefully selected among the excellences of the territory and some "gems" from elsewhere.

But embarking on one's own business also requires a lot of courage, and for that, he finds inspiration in "Amélie", his French bulldog, who lived for more than thirteen years with overwhelming strength and determination. It is from the fusion of these two feelings that the name and logo of the Casa Amélie Restaurant were born. Twenty covers, two floors in deliberately minimal style, a small enclosed outdoor area adorned with flowers and illuminated by candles at Via Carlo Ignazio Giulio 4b, in the beautiful Quadrilatero Romano.

In 2020, following the pandemic, Casa Amélie started the take-away and delivery service, creating dishes that are easily regenerable and suitable for this new version of our service.

Photo Credit: Martina Pace
"A spread of gnocchi on the table, this is one of the strongest memories of my childhood. My grandfather, a chef and restaurateur in Naples in the forties, used to prepare them every Sunday. It was beautiful to watch him as he worked on them, and even more beautiful when he patiently allowed me to start making them with him. It is from my grandfather Francesco that I inherited the passion for the world of cooking and learned the use of the most secret and precious ingredient in my dishes: dedication! I was born in Naples in 1982, and driven by my great love for this profession, I started very young to take my first steps in the world of cooking. I have had important work experiences (including Le Colonne, Grand Hotel Quisisana, Sheraton Bologna), explored various regional cuisines, and five years ago, I landed in Turin as sous-chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Magorabin, where I stayed for almost four years. Casa Amélie is my dream come true, I look forward to welcoming you!"
Guido Perino - Firma